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Friday, November 14th 2014. | Surat Bisnis

Contoh Surat Bisnis Dalam Bahasa Inggris. Surat bisnis adalah surat yang digunakan baik perseorangan, instansi ataupun lembagaga organisasi yang isinya untuk menyampaikan pesan – pesan bisnis secara tertulis dengan menggunakan media tertentu baik via pos, faksimili maupun media internet. Surat bisnis memiliki banyak jenis misalnya surat bisnis penawaran, surat bisnis perkenalan, surat bisnis pesanan dan lain-lain.

Meskipun teknologi informasi dan komunikasi berkembang begitu cepat dengan adanya telepon, telepon genggam, televisi, radio, telegram, feksimile, dan komputer, surat tampaknya masih merupakaan sarana penghubung atau komunikasi yang sangat penting bagi seseoran, kelompok, maupun organisasi pemerintah dan bisnis. Selain sebagai sarana komunikasi, surat bisnis memiliki berbagai fungsi:

  1. Surat bisnis berfungsi sebagai wakil atau duta bagi pengiriman surat. Dalam kaitanya dalam dunia bisnis, surat bisnis berfungsi untuk pembawa pesan-pesan bisnis dari pengirim pesan ke pada pihak lain.
  2. Alat untuk menyimpan pembertitahuan, permintaan, atau permohonan, buah pikiran atau gagasan yang berkaitan dengan masalah-maslah bisnis.
    Misalnya: surat pemesanan produk, surat penagihan, surat penagihan produk baru, dll.
  3. Alat buktu tertulis (dokumen tertulis), Misalnya : surat perjanjian jual beli, surat perintah kerja, surat kerja sama, dll.
  4. Alat untuk mengingat, misalnya: surat bisnis yang diarsipkan. Pada aat dibutuhkan, surat-surat tersebut dapat dilihat dan dicek kembali untuk mengingat berbagai kegiatan yang telah dilakukan masa lalu atau sebelumnya.
  5. Bukti sejarah atau historis, misalnya surat izin pendirian usaha, surat kepailitan usaha, dan surat penggabungan usaha. Surat-surat bisnis tersebut menjadi catatan yang berharga sebagiai bukti historis dalam dunia bisnis.
  6. Pedoman kerja, misalnya : surat keputusan dan surat perintah. Surat tersebut berfungsi sebagai pedoman atau acuan dalam melakukan suatu kegiatan bisnis.
  7. Media promosi bagi pengiriman surat.

Contoh Ke 1

Jl. Gatot Subroto No. 07

Purwokerto, November 13th, 2014

Designation. General Manager Affair
Jl. Jendral Soedirman 23

Dear Sirs,

Through this letter, let us introduce our company to you. Our company named PT Maju Sejahtera is engaged in the distributor of office stationery.

According to the information we collect, CV MEGA is a property company that is growing rapidly and will open again some marketing office in Tasikmalaya. In this connection, let us offer some of stationery products that we market. Together with this letter we attach a list of items and their respective prices.

If your company needs our services, then simply contact us via telephone numbers (0265) 35412 and we’ll deliver the goods directly to the site. Further, we will send you an invoice each end of the month for transactions occurring in the corresponding month. We will give special discount if accumulated purchase within one month of more than Rp 2.000.000, – (two million rupiah).

We hope that this offer can proceed in a form of cooperation that benefits both parties. If Mr interested, we are ready to make presentations and conduct further discussed.

Thus we submit the offer letter, delivered thank you for your attention.


Samsul Arif
Marketing Manager

Contoh Ke 2

MN22 8YY
13th November 2014

Mrs Matty Jenkyns
Personnel Manager
Manchester General Hospital
Hollbrook Avenue
Dear Mrs Jenkyns

I am looking for a placement within a hospital environment from June to September of this year. I am writing to you as I understand that Manchester General Hospital may have appropriate vacancies available. I have a strong interest in laboratory procedures and clinical diagnostics which I understand are predominantly carried out at this hospital. As I live only 5 miles from your site, travel and accommodation would not be a problem for me.

I first became interested in the hospital environment after a school visit to your site.  I was taken on a tour around the laboratories where the differing techniques used in testing clinical samples for patients were demonstrated.  Since then, discussion with my careers adviser has confirmed my decision to aim for a career in this field.

Through my degree course, I have been able to develop my interest in biochemistry, whilst improving my laboratory skills along with my numeracy skills. I have gained some experience in HPLC and have good computing skills, having used several scientific databases. I achieved 68% in my first year examinations and am hoping to achieve a high 2:1 for my course work this year. While at University, I have also been able to utilise my skills in working with people through a variety of vacation jobs. My work at a busy insurance office was valuable in teaching me the importance of ascertaining customers’ needs and providing clear and accurate information.

I would be most grateful if you could consider me for any suitable positions. I will be available for interview at any time and am at my home address in Cranford from late May onwards. At all other times I can be contacted at my college address. Please find enclosed my CV where you will find further information.

Yours sincerely

Rosalind Franklin

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